Join the Conversation

Global Biobank Week: Toward Harmony in Biobanking 2017 provides access to a unique group of stakeholders reaching from biobankers to renowned experts, from policy makers to patient advocacy groups. We know that it will be well attended, well balanced and well represented for you to make your mark in a global conference.

The conference provides a global platform for comprehensive discussion and collaboration on activities important for biobanking and biopreservation of samples and data for biological and environmental research to improve health care and decrease the burden of disease worldwide.

Participating at this conference provides the unique opportunity to meet the stakeholders of biobanking in one place, to inform yourself about the latest tools, services, and challenges, and to advertise your solutions in this dynamic and complex field.

Topics include personalised medicine, quality of samples, harmonisation efforts, data protection, and the benefit for citizens and society.

Join the conversation in Stockholm, Sweden and be part of the journey to strive for harmony in biobanking.