Social Activities

Get Social!

Take advantage of your participation at Global Biobank Week to discover Stockholm, one of the world's most beautiful capital cities! Our social programme will give you the opportunity to connect with your colleagues while learning about the city, so come and join us!


Other Activities in Stockholm

City Tour Boat Cruise

The best way to discover Stockholm is to take a boat trip through the city canals. The hop-on, hop-off boat trip provides you with the flexibility to depart the boat for a closer look at the attractions of most interest to you, and hop back on when you are ready.

You can hop on a boat tour directly at The Brewery. Click here to buy your tickets from a local tour agency.

Stockholm Museums

Stockholm has a number of famous museums that we recommend to discover the art and culture of the city. The following museums are the most popular:

Vasa Museum
130 SEK / Adults
110 SEK / Students
Free for children ages 0-18 years

Abba Museum
250 SEK / Adults
95 SEK / Children 7-15 years

The Photographic Museum
SEK 135 / Adults
SEK 105 /Students and Seniors
SEK 105 / Groups (minimum 20 visitors)